Pit Stop Natural Deodorant - Original (Unisex)

Pit Stop Natural Deodorant - Original (Unisex)


A true unisex natural deodorant – that actually works.

Free from Aluminium, Parabens, Artificial Colours and Fragrance, Pit Stop is the healthy deodorant for men and women.

The tin will last 4-6 weeks

How does it work?  Simply massage a pea-sized amount into your armpit each day to stay fresh and combat body odour.

Pit Stop is more alkaline than the skin’s pH, making it unsuitable for bacteria to multiply.   In addition, our blend of Essential oils including Frankincense, Cedarwood, Lime and Patchouli, are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial – so bad odour producing bacteria can't survive.  The base oils are organic Shea butter and CP coconut oil, as well as some soothing Calendula extract, included for its gentle skin-soothing properties. After application, the oil base will be absorbed, leaving a slightly powdery feeling on your skin.

Pit Stop is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant which means that you will still sweat but smell good naturally and stay that way all day.

Instructions: Apply Pit Stop deodorant either straight after showering (or in an emergency, after sweating, and it will neutralize the bad odour).  Best of all – Pit Stop lasts all day and you haven’t put terrible chemicals into your body for the privilege of smelling good!


TIPS for using a Bi-Carb based deodorant:
Ideally, because this deodorant works by being a more alkaline pH than your skin,  apply and wear your deodorant during the day. After showering with a gentle soap in the evening, give your under-arms a break at night, to re-adjust their natural pH, then go again with a fresh application of Pit Stop the next morning!

Wash clothes regularly in warm wash 35-40 degree water and you should have no problem with your deodorant marking your clothes, the oils and powders are soluble in warm water.

Note: If you have a sensitivity to essential oils or bi-carb soda, test a small patch first or if you have just shaved, wait for 24 hrs before using.  A very small percentage of people, who have been using commercial antiperspirants, may react to sodium bicarbonate. If this affects you, it is advised to try going deodorant free for a couple of weeks, washing regularly with a gentle soap (try Valor Castile Face & Body Wash) to remove any residue from your previous product and then start again with Pit Stop.